Water Softeners and Water Filtration

Water TreatmentsThe most common water treatments we provide are water filtration and water softeners. If your water tastes funny or is cloudy or off in any way, it is important to have your water tested immediately. When we test water, we check for lead and add filtration and water softeners if needed.

Hard water can cause staining and water spots in your shower and sink, especially around the drains. Another common way to identify hard water is that it can cause your soap and shampoo not to lather. Hard water is a pH balance issue that needs to be corrected. Our water treatment specialists professionally install water softeners, most often either in your crawl space or basement, and provide instructions on how to refill the units with softener periodically.

Our water treatment professionals remove potentially harmful chemicals from your water by installing water filtration in your home or business. Other than the obvious benefit of removing harmful chemicals, our water filtration systems also improve your water’s taste and eliminate any cloudiness.

If you have issues with your water and/or would like us to inspect it for you, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!