Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

Sewer Line Repair and ReplacementLakenridge Plumbing specializes in sewer line repair and replacement services. Most often, we receive calls because a child placed an object in the toilet. In these cases, we remove the object that doesn’t belong in the sewer lines to remove the clog.

Unfortunately in other instances, homeowners are not aware of a clog in their sewer line until it backs up into the home. Our sewer line repair and replacement professionals are well-equipped to manage these sorts of disasters, but of course, we all prefer to prevent them before they start. The best way to prevent a backup is to have your sewer lines cleaned and inspected regularly. Old cast iron piping can lead to cracks or damage, most often from roots growing into them. If we see any cracks forming, we will recommend replacement before disaster strikes.

Whether you need your sewer lines cleaned and inspected, or they have backed up into your home, give us a call today to schedule a time when we can come out to your home or business for service.