Greensboro Pipe Replacement

Greensboro Pipe ReplacementDo you have old copper pipes that many need replacing? Are your galvanized water lines or galvanized pipes constantly in disrepair? Old copper and galvanized pipes can cause costly repairs, typically at the least convenient of times. At Lakenridge Plumbing, we do our best to repair your pipes to save you money, but there comes a point when you will actually save money by replacing your pipes. Our Greensboro pipe replacement services will upgrade the plumbing in your home by replacing all of your water lines and all the CPVC joints with Pex (polyurethane).

Many of our clients decide to upgrade their plumbing when they are doing a renovation. If you are currently undergoing a renovation, contact us today to learn what it would cost for us to upgrade your plumbing to the latest and most durable materials.

Whether you are in constant need of leak repairs or undergoing a renovation on your home, contact us today for a free estimate of our Greensboro pipe replacement services.