Licensed Greensboro Plumbers Professionally Install New Plumbing Fixtures

We recently installed new plumbing fixtures in this bathroom in a lovely home in the Northern Shores neighborhood. When doing a bathroom remodel it is always important to use a licensed Greensboro plumber so that you can be sure that everything is done correctly. This is especially true when there are valves that have been in the walls for a long time and that need to be replaced.

For this bathroom , we installed the tub and shower rough in valves before the tile was installed. After the shower tile was in, we came back and installed the faucets and new fixtures. Other plumbing work for this bathroom included two vanity faucets and a new toilet.

Only a licensed Greensboro plumber knows the ins and outs of completing what may seem like a simple job. We can make sure that everything is installed correctly the first time, so contact us today!